How to choose the best divorce lawyer

Over the years at IFA2010, we have met many divorce law firms. Here’s 3 remarkably reliable factors that we use to judge a lawyer’s rate of success. Use them wisely and you might just be able to pick the right law firm:
• Personal portfolio
When hiring divorce attorney services, then it is only wise to look through their personal portfolio. Your priority is to use the services of a winner and investigating the portfolio can help you determine the number of won and lost cases. If they cannot provide you with their portfolio, then you should not contract their services. Divorce lawyers will probably try to include many won cases in their portfolio so you may want to contact some of these clients to verify these claims. Compare the number of clients in the portfolio with years of experience to identify any schemes to mask poor performances in court.

• Compare various offers
Instead of settling for the first divorce lawyer you meet, make plans to contact as many lawyers as possible. Speaking to different lawyers will give you insights into their attributes and you can begin comparing their perspectives and competitive edges. When you contact different lawyers, it gives you many choices and you can then settle for one that promises high quality representation.



• Quality guarantees
After speaking to a divorce lawyer concerning your case and they agree to helping you win, what guarantees can they offer? Most attorneys will tell you they can win only to disappoint on the final day of settlement. What’s worse is they can always blame you for not stating a given component of the case as reason for the loss. It is therefore important to fully open up and request quality guarantees. Some lawyers will not accept payment until the divorce is settled although such often charge a higher rate for the guarantee.



There are various other factors to consider with regards to choosing the right divorce lawyer. Cost matters should be considered last after reviewing all the other aspects. Once you have a couple of attorneys who show promise, compare their costs and choose one that offers more value for your money. Learning how to choose the right divorce lawyer is very important as there are many cons in the market. Only work with credible licensed divorce attorneys that are allowed to provide the service within your area.