Defending yourself with a great lawyer

If you have been accused of a crime, your best defense is a quickly organized one. The more serious the accusation, the faster you need to have a ready defense. Don’t worry about apparent circumstances, promptly ask for your lawyer and be ready to take their advice. Consequences for a criminal case can range anywhere from a simple fine to life in prison and you should take this situation seriously from the beginning. If you have not been arrested but believe that you will be, call your Fresno Lawyer ahead of time and ask them to meet you either at your location or at the police station.

Know Your Rights

Your rights are most likely read to you during the arrest, but you may not understand what they mean. That why you need a good criminal lawyer. The Miranda rights are fortunately pretty straight forward. The first and second statements are a pair. You are definitely allowed to remain silent during the arrest and later when questioned. If you do choose to speak, the police are obligated to remember or record your words to enter into the case. While they will not hesitate to use any spoken words against you, they are also not required to draw the worst possible conclusions from any statements you make. Next, you have a right to an attorney. This means that it’s time to call your lawyer, and if you don’t have one they must provide you a public defender or some other lawyer shaped alternative.

Law Enforcement is a Machine

No matter how stressful or upsetting the accusation and events surrounding it become, it’s important to remember that police officers and judges have a job to do. Their primary motivations are to close cases and to get actually dangerous people off the streets. If law enforcement is a machine, officers and judges are the technicians who must pull the levers and try to properly sort everyone ever accused of something. Even if a police officer is certain you are the cause of their problems, don’t panic, your situation is not hopeless. By calling a lawyer quickly, you are hiring an ally familiar with the great churning law machine who will be your advocate. In order to move smoothly into (and then hopefully right back out of) the machine, take your lawyer’s advice on what to wear, who to speak to and what to say. Hearings are just complex rituals being performed continuously and your lawyer can guide you through the necessary steps.

Above All, Keep Your Cool

The cops are out there to keep normal people safe from drug addicts, organized crime and uncontrollably violent people. The less you appear to fall into one of these categories, the less motivated the police will be in pursuing your containment. Stay calm and polite throughout your encounter with law enforcement and you will have a much smoother time while in their hands. For whatever reason you are accused of a crime, or think you might be accused of a crime, call your lawyer. Get ahead of the great law enforcement machine by preparing your defense early.