How much do lawns cost in terms of maintenance

Laws are beautiful when they are well maintained. The maintenance cost varies due to various factors. They include; the size of the lawn, the chargers of the service provider among other charges. The big question is; how much do lawns cost in terms of maintenance? Well let’s see the website.

Mowing the lawn

There are various tasks that are carried out in maintaining a lawn. Mowing is one of the basic tasks of maintaining a lawn. You need to hire a lawn mower or hire the mowing service which is a bit expensive than hiring the machine alone. For example, mowing an 8,000 square feet piece of lawn can cost around 80 USD. Also some mowing service providers can charge per hour which is roughly around 50 USD per hour for the same piece of land.

Addition of fertilizers

Adding fertilizers to the lawn is a crucial activity in maintaining a lawn. The price of fertilizers varies with the type and seller of the fertilizers. You should ensure your fertilizer has nitrogen. This may cost you around 70 USD.

Blowing the debris

Using an air blower to collect debris will increase the total cost by around 60 USD. This however depends on the size of the lawn and the machine you’re hiring. The lawn requires to be left in a clean position hence, removing debris is an unavoidable cost.

Weeding the lawn

Sometimes there are weeds that need to be removed from the lawn. Applying herbicides to the lawn is a crucial task. This improves the quality of the grass. This increases the cost of maintaining your lawn by around 40 USD. This cost is dependent on the outlet which you get your herbicides. Also the type of herbicides affects its cost.

Mulching of the lawn

Mulching is also a common task with maintaining a lawn. This cost depends with the laborer and the availability of the mulch.


This activity is very necessary because sometimes the land requires to be maintained in a flat level. Rains may cause the lawn to be rugged which calls for landscaping. This results to the overall increase in the cost of maintaining a lawn. This cost varies with the size of the piece of land which is being levelled.

Irrigation system

The irrigation system needs to be checked regularly so that in case of a fault it may be rectified appropriately. This cost may vary with the extent of the damage in which you intend to repair the fault. The cost of maintaining the irrigation system of your lawn depends on the amount of purchasing new pipes for the sprinklers or the sprinklers themselves in case of a repair. Also the service causes the price variation.

Our previous question about lawn maintenance cost, that is; “how much do lawns cost in terms of maintenance?” is now tackled. Following this cost breakdown it will guide you in budgeting for your lawn maintenance. All you need is to have the right measurements of your lawn.