Importance of Filling up a SS-5 Form Correctly

A social security number or SSN is a 9-digit number issued to the citizens of the United States. While the primary objective of the SSN is to track any individual for social security reasons, the number has many other objectives and this includes providing facilities to the citizens. However, it is likely that some circumstances might change in your life, and you will have to apply for a new card. It is here the SS-5 form comes into the picture to help out. However, filling this form correctly is essential. The following explanation will highlight the importance of filling up a SS-5 form correctly through

Why fill up the SS-5 form correctly

Let us assume that you have shifted to a new place. In such a situation, you will want government utilities such as domestic gas cylinders to be delivered to your new address. For that, you have to submit a fully filled in SS-5 form correctly. If the form is incorrectly filled, you won’t be able to enjoy utilities from the government. It is also possible that your utility connections might be terminated.

Another situation why filling up a SS-5 form correctly is necessary is when you have shifted to a new province or county. The laws in each state vary greatly. A certain facility available in one province may not be available to the residents of other provinces. If you want to make the most out of these facilities, you have to fill up the SS-5 form correctly. In case you fail to mention the name of the province where you are shifting, you will be debarred of all facilities available to you as a resident of that province.

The worst penalty for incorrect filling of the SS-5 form is fines for incidents occurring at your old residential address. If something happens at your old resident and you have not updated your new address properly in the SS-5 form, you will be held responsible for all damages caused to the government and third parties. You might also be asked to pay for any unusual events that could happen at your old address. In such situations, you could end up breaking your bank account for doing nothing, but for wrong filling of a SS-5 form. Other benefits that you could be debarred include issuance of passports, debit/credit cards, opening of new bank accounts, facilities to dependents and other facilities.

Bottom line

From the above discussion, it gets pretty clear that filling up a SS-5 form correctly is imperative. Aside from being penalized for wrong doings of others, you could be debarred from enjoying usual benefits available to normal residents. This is why it is necessary that you take time and fill up the SS-5 form correctly. Also, have the form double checked for any missing or wrong information. If you don’t wish to go through the hassles and get penalized (for incorrect filling of SS-5 form), be wise enough when applying for a new SSN number and fill the SS-5 form in accordance with the rules and regulations to ensure smooth issuance of the new SSN number.