Lipstick and Women

Makeup has always fascinated women all around the world. Of all types of makeup out there, lipstick seems to be the most important one. Many women might not have a foundation, a primer, a concealer or even an eyeshadow palette, but they all own at least one lipstick. Have you ever wondered why? If yes, then please keep on reading, as you are about to find out with the help of

A brief history of lipstick

Even though lipstick is used a lot more since the early 1900’s, it has actually been found that women were using a primitive form of lipstick even 5000 years ago. Back then, they used natural ingredients, such as rocks and fruits, in order to paint their lips. Egypt, specifically, has a very interesting history regarding lipstick. Egyptian women were using a mix of bromine and iodine to paint their lips, and that mixture was often harmful enough to kill someone, thus creating the famous “kiss of death”. In other parts of the planet, such as Europe, lipstick was even banned and considered by religious people as sinful and was only used by prostitutes.

The views on lipsticks changed considerably since 1850, however. From nude to bright red, yellow and even black, nowadays we can find any lipstick in any color we want, and they’re no longer made of dangerous ingredients. Now, applying lipstick has become a part of almost any women’s day, and this is not going to change anytime soon.

But what is, exactly, the real importance of lipstick?

In very few words, lipstick is important because of two reasons: physical reasons and psychological reasons.

Physical benefits of lipstick: Our lips are very different from other parts of the body, such as the skin or the nails. They lack melanin, the pigment which helps protect the skin from the sun, but they are always exposed to it – and not only that. Our lips are exposed to the wind all the time, and to cold weather as well, and, in order to protect them, we can only rely on lipsticks and lip balms. They act as a barrier from all the things that can damage the lips. Most lipsticks contain SPF agents, usually SPF 12-15 or more, which specifically protect the lips from the harmful sun rays. They also contain different vitamins and natural ingredients that moisturize the lips and offer them the hydration they lack so much.

Psychological benefits of lipstick: Of course, the psychological benefits are extremely important as well. Lipsticks help women look and feel more beautiful. They help them have more defined or fuller lips, painted in any color they could possibly think of. Lips painted with strongly coloured lipsticks also draw attention to that particular feature of the face, brightening the smile and making the eyes seem brighter and bigger than they actually are. It has also been proven that women who wear lipstick feel more confident about themselves, especially in a professional environment.

Even though many people see lipsticks as a simple tool to make them look more beautiful, they are actually helpful on many levels. They build confidence, they bring a bit of color in an otherwise grey day, and they nourish and protect the lips from the wind, the sun and the cold weather. That is why lipstick is so important because it helps on the inside and on the outside as well.