Should you trust Tai Lopez?

What you are going to read is not from any kind of sponsorship nor is influenced by Tai Lopez or his associates. I hope my readers keep it that way.

Is Tai Lopez a scam? Should you trust him? Are his programs and ‘steps’ authentic? Are they associated with any real-life experiences? A man called Tai Lopez is seen pretty much everywhere on the internet running hefty ad campaigns in social media with Ferrari and Aventador and popular models. But who the heck is he?

In this honest review, I am going to tell you if you should actually trust him or not.

Tai Lopez: Who is this guy? How did he become rich and popular?

It was back in 2015 when Tai rose to the online scene and henceforth has maintained his status as a prominent self-help guru. Having initially started as a guru selling courses such as ’67 steps’ which promises to uplift your life quality regarding health, wealth, love and success, he has now become a celebrity millionaire. He also has established himself as one of the top personal development masters. So much, so people are wondering if Tai is a scammer.

In my honest opinion, I don’t think he’s a scam. Why? — the answer is down below in our real tai lopez review.

What is the real truth?

One thing I came across lately is that many people doubt him because of his ‘overnight’ increased status. It made me laugh when one person in another article said that Tai mostly goes on about huge billionaires and how to earn like them while himself not being one of them. What kind of logic is that? Many rich persons are inspired by Buddha. Did Buddha need to be a billionaire?

It is hard to argue with people who don’t understand much. It actually seems true that a wise man learns a lot from a foolish question than a fool learns from a wise man’s answer. I’ve found this true to a great extent, and everything else on the internet goes on to prove that.

Reasons that Tai is not a fraud

    • I would wonder why famed celebs hang with him if Tai wasn’t a legit & successful business person. Celebs wouldn’t be ‘celebs’ if they had been roaming around some frauds or scams.
    • With over many billion minutes of playtime on Youtube reaching hundreds of millions of people, Tai has become too big to doubt him as a scammer.
    • Big magazines like Forbes and other publications don’t usually include some doubted personality too often.

Then why are people calling him a scam?

These are the ‘reasons’ for people calling him a scam:

    1. He charges for the courses and
      information — Have you seen someone tagging schools and colleges as
      scammers as they charge your whole month’s income for a single educational tour?
    1. He became a celebrity overnight —
      I don’t think Kim Kardashian is a legit fraud. Overnight success is
      sporadic, but it is what it is, a truth.
    1. His house, big money cars, all are
      rented — Renting Ferrari and Rolls Royce Ghost for a month cost as
      much as the cars themselves. Indeed, Tai isn’t that much fool. We all know

Last Words

It is very much possible that Tai is someone who had been successful in his previous business ventures, having an excellent life while thinking about how he could grow further. Then he decided to learn from successful persons and make them his mentors. That way, he found people like Joel Salatin and the Amish groups, which helped him find his truth, what he believed to help others too.

His book club then helped him to get recognized in the online world, and he got that much popular in the social media. Having expensive cars or hot models with him doesn’t make him a scanner. Neither earning millions of dollars each year does. I have gained a lot of good things from him which has inspired me and helped me on my path, all for free.

Thanks for reading this long post and being curious to learn the real truth.