Tips and benefits of cold emailing for a new job

Cold emailing for a new job is the act of sending unsolicited, prospective emails to contacts that one believes can land them an interview. While it is argued as a long shot in the job hunting season, human resource experts advise that cold emailing for a job has a success rate provided that the sender learns the multifaceted factors that lead to its triumph.

It is a known fact that several company hiring practices are internal, and works through referral of family members and friends. Some companies only post their job opportunities on their notice boards while others use internal memos to communicate vacancies. With such companies, it is very hard to capture an interview when one is an outsider, leave alone the chance to show- case abilities. This problem can be overcome by cold email. In order, to grab the attention of the prospective human resource manager, it is imperative for the job hunter to follow certain tips.

• Conduct an inquiry on the person targeted by the cold email

Researching about the hiring manager that one intends to send the prospective mail is very essential. Important information that should be collected beforehand on them includes their position in the company, their hobbies, likes and email address. These days, this kind of information can be easily gathered from social media sites such as crunch base, LinkedIn as well as Facebook. After collecting the data, the cold email should be correlated strongly with it.

• Create a subject line that stands out

Hiring managers receive several emails, and it’s certain that they don’t bother opening them. The reason is that people, when idle tend to preoccupy themselves with the issues that they relish. This is where the subject line trick comes in as it should be crafted to encompass the person’s hobbies and likes.

• Start the email with an elevator pitch

With all the emails to read, and the sudden realization that this is another job application, human resource managers often skim over any application. They don’t read the whole page word by word. To counteract that likely scenario, it stands to reason to start the mail with the skills, talents, and capacities that makes the application unique.

• Use professional design

Numerous people make the mistake of writing emails using an informal format, and it’s awesomely obvious that such kind of an email might never land one an interview. Emails should always be written using professional letter writing format and design.

• Follow-up formally

Professionals like being reminded. It is not their fault as they are always at the behest of overlapping duties. A follow- up letter should be written to serve as a reminder to the prospective person and find out whether they saw the cold email. It is a trick that works well.

Cold email is an effective and efficient way of selling the applicant strengths, provided a job seeker does their assignment on the relevant person to cold email. In the current organic society ,where finding a job is tenuous, being proactive is an important trait that job hunters should not be devoid of, hence justifying cold emailing for a new job.