What happens at a wedding reception

Wedding Bells
One of the most memorable event of life is wedding, not only for the bride and groom but also for the related families and friends. It takes a lot of efforts to make that day the a memory. Preparations starts from weeks and months before the big day. Every little thing is focused whether it is the invitation, dress, cake, selection of venue, food, dance and much more.

A typical wedding reception centre Melbourne is usually a party thrown by the couple as officially husband and wife after the completion of marriage. Where they show their hospitality to the ones who had attended their wedding ceremony. This event is celebrated differently in every culture and society. Some celebrate it traditionally where as some modernize it according to the need of society.

Western Culture
Wedding celebration is commonly known for the style of entertainment in different means by the couple and their families. It could be a Grand ball party thrown from an elite family, lunch / dinner from a middle class family or it be simply a refreshment or hi tea from a working class family. But in western culture cake cutting ceremony seems to be an important part for all the classes whether upper class, middle class or lower class. Everyone try to make the event as happening as possible.

Eastern Culture
Traditional eastern culture involves the ceremonial rituals which is pre arranged by the friends and families of the bride and groom. Using vibrant colors, flowers, décor, dresses and food make it completely different from the western marriage reception. Couples receive blessing from the guest while being seated on stage specially designed for the photoshoots.

Food is the most common thing in every culture. Whether the wedding reception is eastern or western. Food items may range from a single drink or tea which can lead to a multi – course dinner with starter / appetizers, snacks, dessert along with the wedding cake.

The cake on the wedding reception is mostly a multi tiered layer cake with a decency of art and gives a feeling if pure love while cutting it. Professional bakers and cake artists are hired for this job as the wedding cake is not a simple or the regular one. If it’s a full meal wedding reception than the cake is served after the food, otherwise its served right after all the guest of the family has arrived.

In the western wedding reception usually a toast is made before or after the food to wish the couple and give blessings for their new life. This toast is usually made by the bride’s or groom’s father, friend or the best man. It could be anyone close to the couple.

This is the first dance which is performed by the couple as being a married couple officially. The style of dance depends on the music chosen by the couple to perform on It. On this day mostly a contemporary or a romantic couple dance is chosen from most of the couple to shown the world their love and affection towards each other. Usually the newly weds are the ones to leave the venue before the guest by greeting the guests and taking official leave from them as they are the guest of honor for that day.