When it comes to signs, size matters.

Signs talk!

Sometimes loudly, sometimes soft. Calm or scary, helpful or nice. They tell you where you are or what’s happening around you. They work 24/7, 365 days a year, rain or shine, and in sleet or snow. Signs have been around since the days of “X” marks the spot. They have evolved like everything else and today we see massive electronic digital signage wrapped around buildings. Despite this, a simple “SALE” sign from https://atlanticsigncompany.com can still get the job done.

A business must have a name and it is also essential to have a logo that represents your brand. This facilitates ease of recognition helping your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace. These important marketing and communications elements help your customers see you as well as make purchases. The size of the signage for a business is dependent on three (3) main factors: the physical location; the information you want to communicate to customers and potential customers; and the cost of constructing and maintaining the sign.

The physical location of where the signage is placed has to be evaluated for the potential number of eyeballs it will receive. Similarly to how brick and mortar stores view the attractiveness of doing business anywhere it has to be about “LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!” The sign needs to be in the right location. Most businesses opt for placing a sign at the entrance of their physical location or a couple blocks up or down the road to let persons know their offerings and that they are really close by. Of course, it must be in full view with no blockage from other signs, trees or buildings.

An effective sign incorporates only those necessary words and images required to convey the message. The size of the sign should be relevant to the message with the business name and logo attached for easy recognition. Businesses need to ensure that the font style and size being used is consistent with their brand. This allows for easy readability that makes the message clear to customers and potential buyers.

Lastly, a business sign is a marketing investment for your business that works even when your doors are closed. The size of the sign has to be relevant to the overall cost to construct and maintain the sign, the finances of the business at a particular time, the physical location of the sign and the overall relevance of the message. A business has to weigh the opportunity costs associated with their signage similarly to every other business decision. A massive sign such as a billboard can be costly to rent or purchase. However, if it is placed on a relatively busy roadway with adequate traffic lights to have customers and potentials pause for a few moments to have a look, the long-term returns on investment might be well worth it.

Build your sign as big as it needs to be to effectively get the right message out to the right people and create more traffic and increase revenue for your business.